Johnny J Rivera - Trying to Catch Rain
1. Where I Belong
2. Strolling Through Central Park
3. Where You Been All My Life?
4. Lady Cab Driver
5. London
6. Five O'clock Am
7. Driving
8. (Prelude Ntps) If Only You Knew
9. Nothing But The Blues
Review - Johnny J Rivera - Trying To Catch Rain


January 23, 2011 - Give me something fresh! That's my new mantra for 2011. Even though Johnny J Rivera is more of an R&B/Pop singer (who serves up a healthy helping of Blues in the mix) the singer/guitarist seems to have found a home in Smooth and Contemporary Jazz. Rivera, who lives in Las Vegas, is a huge Beatles fan and it shows in his harmonies. Tunes like 'London' and 'Lady Cab Driver' (the first single) have that 'fresh and clean' feel. They are also reminders that an artist can generously borrow from old musical inspirations and still sound original.

Rivera spent some time playing with Norman Brown and like his old buddy singing while playing a crazy-ass guitar comes easy.  One of the biggest complaints in Smooth Jazz is the music can be really boring. Something that happens in the name of SMOOTH. The more seasoned players however, aren't really interested in putting anyone to sleep - we have Jennifer Aniston for that. The sense of cool on this album also makes it top-shelf. Johnny certainly is comfortable in his skin and it's highlighted on 'Where I Belong.' It's got a Donny Hathaway feel and there's nothing much cooler than that.

Sick of the same old same old? Check this project out and you might find yourself doing what all new converts do, emailing Johnny and giving him hell for just having one album out. - by John Beaudin

10 Things You Might Not Know About Johnny J Rivera

June 18, 2010 – Johnny J. Rivera has just released the acclaimed album ‘Trying to Catch Rain’ featuring his hit ‘Lady Cab Driver’ but there are probably lots of interesting things you don’t know about this talented guitarist and vocalist.

In the 1980’s Rivera auditioned for the TV show Fame and he also considers himself a real Beatles expert. I’ve talked to him and Rivera really knows his stuff.

Rivera also came out of the closet with us to admit his deep, dark, ‘mullet’ past. His daughter found the picture of dad sporting a shiny, silky eighties mullet. Find out more about Johnny J. Rivera below.

1. Once auditioned for 80's Television show "Fame"
2. Loves Beatles Trivia and considers himself a Beatles expert.   READ THE ENTIRE LIST
Johnny j Rivera picked up his first guitar at the age of 13. First inspired by The Beatles, Earth, Wind and Fire, Heatwave, Stevie Wonder, Albert King, and B.B King, these artists set him on his stylistic journey. After high school, he took a three hour a day bus journey to Hollywood ,CA to pursue his musical career, attending the Musicians Institute where he discovered his passion for blues and jazz, studying with Joe Pass, Frank Gambale, Norman Brown, Don Mock, and Scott Henderson, while playing, with many blues and R&B groups in L.A to solidify his unique style. Before graduating Muscians Institute, he was tapped on the shoulder by legendary guitarist, Norman Brown to play keyboards and sing in Norman Brown’s group. Johnny says, “It was a thrill of a lifetime, but I was definitely out of my element at that point in my career, and just in awe of him. But, Norman was very gracious and took me under his wing, and I learned a lot from him. That experience help to define what I do today musically”.

He delivered his debut CD, Trying To Catch Rain, which he wrote all the songs for and played most of the instruments. The first single “Lady Cab Driver” peaked at number six on the smoothjazznow charts. The single also made it into the best songs of 2010 charts. His current single “If Only You Knew” is in heavy rotation locally at 91.5 KUNV, in Las Vegas where Johnny currently resides.

His fan base stretches from Japan to France as shown by his sales in different countries around the world. Johnny has played at The Mandalay Bay Resort, The Tropicana, The Wynn, The Belagio, The House Of Blues, and has performed for crowds at festivals of over fifty thousand people in Los Angeles as a musical director for televised performances on Telemundo/NBC, Azteca America, and Kwhy 22 Los Angeles. He also performed at the 2011 ALMA Awards “After Party”, in Los Angeles hosted by George Lopez. It has been a long journey for Johnny j Rivera, but one thing is for sure, his audiences love the music, and the vibe his band brings to the stage each and every night.

Moving forward, Rivera is cementing tour plans, with solo dates in the new year at the House of Blues in Los Angeles, and at The Roxy in Los Angeles, as well as, solidifying a management deal with Proenza Entertainment.
Johnny J Rivera - Tour Dates
WANT TO BOOK JOHNNY? CALL : 702-858-6854
Tour Dates City Venue Details
April 5, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada Rampart Casino
April 5, 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada Rampart Casino

April 9-14, 2013 Mesquite, Nevada Casablanca Hotel
July 31, 2012

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