a2d9a75c-05ea-11e3-_441828cTrevor Horn Say’s “90125” By YES Is The Best Album He’s Ever Worked On


Our good buddy Eamon O’Neill from Eonmusic gave us another exclusive interview from the Progressive Music Awards this past Thursday in London. Check out the link to his amazing site in the description of this video.

Horn was given the ‘The Outer Limits’ award for creating, stretching, digging Prog a little deeper.

He certainly is a guy who likes a challenge. You have to respect someone who enjoys lots of buttons and choices.

Most of us first heard this guy in 1979 with “Video Killed the Radio Star” as part of the Buggles with Geoff Downes. They both Joined Yes after that. Then the band splits. On return Horn is no longer the lead singer but producer and what a job he does.

Horn told Eonmusic the magic didn’t come without a few bumps, adding, “It wasn’t without its problems, put it that way”, Horn co-wrote two of the tunes including their biggest hit, “Owner of a Lonely Heart.” he says, “I still think ‘Lonely’s one of the best tracks I ever did. But I think the album as a whole is a really good record, and I could point to loads of things and go – that’s brilliant!

“90125” has sold over 3-million copies in the U.S. Alone. Horn says, “When I look back on it, it was one of the better experiences of my life”, he offered, before adding: “I think you’d be pushed to find anything that I’ve done that’s better than ‘90125’, or Seal’s first two albums”

Former Yes vocalist Jon Anderson was awarded the “Prog God” award at this years Progressive Music Awards. Horn was singing his praises, “I‘ve always been a fan of Jon, and I think he’s got the best voice by far. I never, ever thought I was anywhere near as good as him”. He continued: “It was an experience of a lifetime”.

Horn’s is no slouch. His resume as producer alone includes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Pet Shop Boys, Paul McCartney, Seal, Rod Stewart, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, John Legend and he co-produced Band Aids 1984 mega-hit “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Watch for our interview with Eamon O’Neill from Eonmusic next week and check out his website for more exclusive interviews from the Progressive Music Awards. Check the link below. – by John Beaudin

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