toto-live-at-montreauxToto Conquers it All On “Live At Montreux – 1991 Review & Check Out The Ultimate Toto Fan Room

Moments in time. On that night in Switzerland two important member of the band were very much alive. We lost drummer Jeff Porcaro the following year, in 92, and his brother Mike in 2015 but watching this concert – there they were in that moment at the top of their game – at least they were on that stage in 1991.

The lead up to the show is the stuff or Rock and roll dreams and nightmares. Out of the gate their 1978 debut gave the #8 hit “Hold the Line” which any band would have welcomed as their signature song, the next two albums, “Hydra.” and “Turn Back” stalled, though looking back now there are gems on both. Then Toto IV happened because it had to – the band had to produce and they did. All of a sudden the boys became overachievers. Five singles, four hits and even more Grammy’s. Lead singer Bobby Kimball leaves over drugs, Fergie Frederiksen replaces him then Joseph Williams replaces him, Jean Michele Byron and then this album happened. Toto had noting to prove but they did it anyway on this show.

We have a special guest with us to talk about Toto’s “Live At Montreux – 1991 – John Marshall, He’s a pro when it comes to lovin’ Toto.



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