norah_jones_9006Did you know that Norah Jones has been one of the most written about artists on Smooth Jazz

We did a little digging and found “10 things You Might Not Know About Norah Jones” like she’s no Britney Spears fan “She’s got nice breasts,” says Jones, “but I don’t think she’s a great singer.”

Jones also calls her guest gig on Sesame Street one of the highlights of her career. Find out more about Norah Jones

1. Norah Jones says one of her best gigs was performing on Sesame Street (in April 2004) She performed an ode to the letter “Y” and performed a renamed version of “Don’t Know Y.”

2. Norah Jones beat the sophomore Jinx by selling over 4 million copies of her second album “Feels Like Home.”

3. Norah and her husband (then boyfriend) bassist Lee Alexander waited a few years to buy a nice New York pad following the success of her first two albums. But all the cash was not the reason – it was a need for privacy.

4. Norah Jones says when she’s not touring she’s a couch potato. “I’m like a zombie,” she says,” my boyfriend, he makes fun of me, because I’m always talking about what’s going on with Rachel and Chandler.”

5. Norah Jones once claimed that her biggest addiction was the TV drama ER. She claimed in 2003 that she would rather watch reruns of ER than go out partying.

6. Norah Jones huge Grammy wins in 2003 did more for her sales than any other artist in history. Sales of her debut album increased by nearly a half million copies in the week after she won five Grammys. That’s the biggest post-Grammy sales jump ever.

7. Faith Hill is a huge Norah Jones fan

8. Norah Jones father (famous Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar) told John Beaudin of Smooth Jazz Now that he knew she had great talent even as a child but added he can’t take any of the credit for her success because she grew up in America.

9. Norah Jones was embarrassed by the remixes from her smash debut album “Come Away with Me.” She told the Los Angeles Times that after hearing a remix of her first hit ‘Don’t Know Why’ she was slightly embarrassed calling it “the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard.”

10. Norah Jones is no Britney Spears fan. She says of Britney, “She’s got nice breasts. But I don’t think she’s a great singer.” She ads, “At some point you get enough of all that naked flesh and want to listen to something decent. People like my music because they’ve had enough of manufactured pop songs. They’re fed up with singers who look like something out of a porn film.”