riri2OK, This is Awkward. Rihanna Says her Biggest Regret Is not Being More Naked in her Dress

You know how we all have regrets in life, not listening enough, wanting more empathy, giving more to charity, looking for more spiritual growth or finding more meaning in life and then there’s those staring kids? Rihanna says her biggest regret in life was not wearing a bedazzled thong for a see-through dress. Maybe the reporter got it wrong, sure he heard bedazzled thong but maybe she said, “Dating that knuckle-head was wrong”

But, then she went on and said that panty misstep has haunted her for the whole year and it’s now the biggest regret of her life? You know how many people stop maturing emotionally once they become celebrities? Well, it’s a good thing that didn’t happen to Rihanna cause I’m sure a certain ex-butthole must come up in the interview, right?

No, she goes on about her bedazzled g-string or lack there of. She told Vogue magazine about the catastrophic decision at the 2014 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Awards. Rihanna asked her interviewer as she explained her decision to go bra-less for the evening. “I would slice my throat. I already wanted to, for wearing a thong that wasn’t bedazzled. That’s the only regret I have in life.”

Maybe you have regrets about a bedazzled g-string. It could be a world-wide epidemic? Maybe that’s why Trump is leading in the polls? Or there’s a war in Syria, or babies are starving in Africa?

gallery-1458249187-gettyimages-495368799-masterAnd her career? “My schedule is so crazy right now,” she said. But she wouldn’t have it any other way. “[Last year], I wanted to have a year to just do whatever I want artistically, creatively, I lasted a week.”

To be fair Rihanna did say last October that she regrets trying to reconcile with former beau Chris Brown after he pleaded guilty to assaulting her in 2009. She thought her love would fix him. Last year her dad, Ronald Fenty told the Mirror he had forgiven Brown saying,“Chris will always have a place in our family and my heart.” – by John Beaudin