1162854001_850215_0000000000_noticia_normalPhil Collins Opens Up About Touring Peter Gabriel, A Genesis Reunion and His Doctors Visits

“Some things just wont lie down and die quietly.” When asked about Genesis getting back together. The answer? ”No, I think one of the things that’s going to get in the way of doing it is I can’t really play the drums like I used to. As we sit here I’m not sure I could play the drums at all. If I was to really work at it maybe I could pull together something but not enough to play with Genesis and Peter singing. We had a conversation in Glasgow, funny enough, in 2004 when I was up there doing the “Final Farewell Tour” and we were talking about doing the five-piece Genesis thing and we could have done it because I was playing very well but after the Genesis reunion tour something happened to my left arm so I think there’s very little chance.”

When the Sting/Peter Gabriel “Rock Paper Scissors” tour was brought up Phil was asked who he would like to go out with, “Sting was thinking about me at one point but I was not touring so he got Peter Gabriel. We seemed to be joined at the hip. You get one of us or you get the other. I wouldn’t mind going out with Peter. I think that would be interesting.”

This past July 24 in Edmonton Gabriel sang the Genesis tune, “Dancing With the Moonlit Knight,” from 1973’s “Selling England By The Pound.” Phil says, “There was a period and people don’t discuss it or even know that it happened but in the 1980’s before his (Gabriel’s) third album he didn’t have a band so I said I’ll play drums for you and we rehearsed. He was getting together material for his third album and we went on tour. We did half a dozen shows in England but no one ever mentions it. I was playing drums for Pete and I would come up in front and do “Mother of Violence,” “Biko” and “The Lamp Lies Down on Broadway.”

Has Phil missed being an artist on stage? He says, “I haven’t really missed it which probably goes to show something. I did such a lot and I’m writing a book so I’ve been looking back at the past and so I’ve always been doing something. I spent most of my life on the road.”

Phil says his hearing problem from 2000 was a random thing that wasn’t connected to loud music. He lost some hearing in his left ear but his brain adjusted for it enough that they could do the Genesis reunion tour. Adding “I know it sounds like I’m the walking dead but I’m not.” When his younger kids moved to Miami he started drinking, so much so, that the doctors said his organs were starting to get damaged so he quit because he wanted to be at his kids weddings. – by John Beaudin