I like that Cetera will still answer questions about Chicago. He could easily say, “I don’t want to talk about something I left 32 years ago – yeah it was 1985! Of course Chicago is the big pink elephant in the room and no one will ever stop talking about it.

Cetera told Knoxville News Sentinel that he doesn’t want to sound like a cliche’ but he’s never had so much fun on stage. He’s backed by a great band and doing exactly what he wants to do. The singer says long ago he learned an important lesson from a friends father, who was in the music industry, to be conscious of what you like and don’t like and discard the latter. To be aware that one learns something from everything you hear and, “then one day this voice comes out of you and it’s yours. … I don’t think I really figured out who I really was until I started doing the solo albums. Maybe the last album I did with Chicago and the first solo album it was my voice, my role. You feel confident, relaxed.”

Looking back at his last few years with Chicago Cetera says, “People were bringing in songs that were just weak … so David Foster and I started writing songs and the things we coming up with were really good,” Cetera said. “What are you gonna do? Pick songs that aren’t worth it? And it was kind of right at the time that was ushering in videos and the director of a video will go, ‘Well, who’s the singer?’ The lead singer is always the lead actor in the videos and that was me. So, yeah, it caused a lot of strife and hence the parting of the ways. They didn’t like that. What do you want me to do, stop writing? So it was a problem.”

Cetera, who lives in Idaho, says he doesn’t ever see a reunion happening with Chicago adding, “there really isn’t a group any more. Different drummer, different guitar players and they have stand-ins some nights. I don’t even know if the sax player is with them anymore. Really, it’s more like a sound-alike group now, I think.” He also called the Chicago documentary a ‘crockumentary.’ saying he like to make his own documentary of him watching, “The History of Chicago” and stopping the video every-time something false comes up to say, ‘Now, this is what really happened.’

Cetera does sound happy in the interview. We will post the links in the description of this video. At one point he says he’s just happy to tour, do shows and not stay home just to get fat. He does have a few things left to do including his dream of forming a duets partnership ala Sam and Dave with the likes of Steve Winwood and Paul McCartney.

“One day I’d like to do a male-male duet ala Sam and Dave. Nobody does that anymore. It’d be great to do it with someone like Steve Winwood. Paul McCartney. I’d love to do it with him.” – by John Beaudin


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