pete_gitlin_amplyfyCould this be a sign that the Smooth Jazz audience wants more variety? Pete Gitlin’s latest single release ‘Epiphany,’ which is not really a Smooth Jazz tune, has truly connected with our listeners. “Here is a case of just an amazing melody coupled with cool lyrics and awesome vocals from Lea Cappelli,” says John Beaudin Operations Manager of Smooth Jazz Now. Beaudin adds “Pete’s music is about more than any particular genre. He’s no spring chicken yet he’s at the top of his game.”

Only two new songs entered the chart this week. Vincent Ingala’s ‘Kimi Trick’ featuring Jonathan Fritzen at #30 and ‘Another Day & Time’ by Willie Bradley entering at #32.

The SmoothJazzNow TOP 50 is a chart based only on audience requests and inquiries. It is a non-payola chart. Pay-for-play is prohibited on the station. – by Beth Knudsen