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Jon Anderson Says A Reunion With Yes Is Very Possible

When it comes to Rock and Roll it’s easy to ask, Why can’t everyone just get along? I had a great mentor years ago who told me, “If you want to test a relationship go on a road trip with her.” Agreed, if you want to know what someone is made out of take them on the road. Outside the studio that’s all rockers do. So there is going to be fighting, punching, kicking, maybe some spitting and name calling and that’s just what the normal ones do! Don’t get me started with the jerks in rock and roll. I once asked Rik Emmett of Triumph if they would get back together he laughed and said, “Are you planning on any road trips with your ex-wife?” Of course he has since mended fences with Gil and Mike.

Jon Anderson back in Yes? Of course it could happen. Some have argued that his ARW trio with Rick Wakeman and Trevor Rabin is more Yes than the current band.

Sure there’s that little thing of Anderson being kicked out of the group in 2008 but our buddy Eamon O’Neill of Eonmusic was at the Progressive Music Awards last week, where Anderson won the “Prog God” award, and asked Anderson point blank if it was possible for a reunion, Anderson said, “You never know, you never know”, he said candidly, before elaborating: “There’s the idea, if we get welcomed into the [Rock And Roll] Hall Of Fame on our 50th year, which is 2018, that’s when we’ll all get together. There’ll be about twenty of us on stage. It would be cool!”

ARW kick off their ‘An Evening Of Yes Music And More’ October 4th in Florida.

Look for our interview with Eamon O’Neill of Eonmusic in the next week on this channel.

There is also a link to his chat with Anderson in the description of this video. – by John Beaudin


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