jeff_lorber_fusion_step_it_upFormer Yellowjackets Star shines bright in Jeff Lorber Fusion

Jimmy Haslip is enjoying his time at #1 with Jeff Lorber Fusion with ‘Get Up” from the album ‘Step It Up.” The popular bass player had a long stint with Yellowjackets but left in 2012; Originally it was meant to be just a year break with Felix Pastorius (Jaco’s son) sitting in. Haslip says, “This was not a rash decision and there is no animosity by any means. Everybody is still friends and I’m excited for the band and their upcoming plans with Felix.”

On the new Fusion project Haslip says, “We were motivated to find a new direction following [the group’s previous release] Hacienda,” He adds,. “That one was a full-on experimental recording. Step It Up is more inside the Jeff Lorber Fusion box but has some new and interesting twists.”

Though the new CD tips its hat to old fusion Haslip says, “We also have a modern approach to this and we wanted to make sure that there would be strong elements of excitement and uplifting melodic motifs.”

Via a strong friendship and refreshing directions these two are bound to co-create a long journey of exciitng sounds. – By John Beaudin