jeff_lorber_fusionJeff Lorber Fusion Start out 2016 with Power!

Congrats to Jeff Lorber for staying on top the hill. His, “Get Up” single with partner Jimmy Haslip, formerly of the Yellowjackets. Is #1 again on the Billboard Magazine Smooth Jazz singles chart. “It is funny because my career as a recording artist to a small extent was a little bit of an accident.” Lorber told Smooth Jazz Now in an exclusive interview.

File this under “meant to happen.” Check out the actually story that started Jeff Lorber recording career.

“I was living in Portland teaching at a little college there and teaching some music classes at a pretty young age in fact and I had a chance to go into a recording studio and it was actually one of my students that were doing some kind of demo. When I got into the studio I had an immediate real knack for helping these people get organized who were having some trouble getting things off the ground. The engineer that was there noticed my knack for this and asked me to come and join him and we could record some of my songs. So I did a demo and ended up getting a record deal and I really wasn’t looking for it particularly. The second record that I made was by a small label called Inner City and it had ‘Chick Corea’ on it and a song called ‘Katherine’ which did very well nationally and back in those days the radio landscape was totally different. It was actually easier to get my stuff on the radio because there was so little oversight of these (radio) programmers so they could kind of play whatever the heck they wanted too. Things have changed a lot and all I can say is that I am really grateful I’ve had a chance to play music all these years and do what I love doing and that is really a blessing.” – by John Beaudin