rob_tardik_r_godinThey say “everything is perception” and from the start our image of Rob Tardik has been hard working and positive. With the release of his fourth album LIMITLESS, later this year, we thought we would catch up with Tardik and ask about the sound of the new project.

“The sound of the new album continues to define my love and passion for the guitar in all its many styles and tones.” Tardik told Smooth Jazz Now in an exclusive interview. “I wanted to keep music fun, accessible for everyone, and the energy quite high throughout and as always have every song holds its own melodically. The premise of the CD is “As humans, we all have “LIMITLESS” potential to do extraordinary things wherever our passion, dedication, perseverance and hard work take us. We just need to take action and open up the doors that life presents to us many times in our lives!”

Tardik says he had a simple goal for the new album, “I wanted to go back and really feature myself and the guitar on this my 4th CD, as my last two CD’s really featured a lot of guest artists and other instruments in the forefront so I wanted to highlight my guitar playing on this outing.”

The guitarist also told us he will feature a new toy on the project, “Godin guitars my main instrument endorser and their owner Robert Godin (picture left with Tardik) and product rep Mario Biferali built me a beautiful new “Limitless” guitar. My art/web designers John Glenecki and Michael Professorski did all the artwork and the end result is just a spectacular instrument in both clear transparent tone and playability. This is the main instrument on the CD plus I brought in two of my hand made Flamenco guitars from Spain, Loucin and Gibson Acoustic’s and my main go to electric 91 purple stratocaster is featured a lot on this CD finally as I decided to play electric again on this CD.”

Our Program Director, John Beaudin has often compared Tardik and Steve Oliver and it seemed liked a no-brainer that the pair would work together. Here is what Tardik shared with us on Oliver, “I have been working with the incredible Steve Oliver as a co-producer for the single “One World’, and another track “Moments’ he played on as well. He is a pure joy to work with and as we share a real passion for music, guitar and putting out loads of great positive energy into the music universe.”

rob_tardik_jan_14_2010Tardik has a tight team on the new album. “I have Juno winner Greg Kavanagh engineering some of the CD as well and who has worked with many great Canadian artists over the years and was a student of Lee Ritenour many years ago in LA so he is always “in tune” with my guitar ideas , lol. I ended up jamming live in the studio and record using my drummer Jeff Salem and bassist Curtis Freeman for most of the bed tracks as I wanted real instruments this time out again for a lot of the tracks and not software and machines. As for other guest artists, I am not going crazy this CD as I want to keep the guitar front and center but I do have some surprises in store that I am keeping under wraps for now so stay tuned!!!”

On his philosophy here is what the guitarist shared, “Life for me is all about B.E.L.L. (Balance, Energy, Laughter, Love) as you know from my last CD and giving back as much as possible to others when we can. For me, that has come in the form of me performing at local hospitals for patients and staff and by teaching players of all ages. Through music education I have found many doors that I continue to open as I look for new opportunities and ways to educate and inspire the players of tomorrow. I have a show for children with my drummer we perform at schools called “Rhythm and Strings” and I just finished some workshops for Long and McQuade and currently teach on faculty at Metalworks studios and at the Merriam School of Music for about 18 years now. I have spent countless hours teaching thousands of students over the years and it’s always so fulfilling when many years later some will reach out and tell me of their musical accomplishments and thank me for inspiring them. That’s what it’s all about and why this is so meaningful for over these last 25 years.” – by Beth Knudsen