Elton John Talks Kids, Husband and Rod Stewart

elton-john-rod-stewartTurns out David Furnish , Elton’s partner of 23 years is the CEO of Elton John Inc.and he’s trimmed the fat in that company. So much so that he’s become the Yoko Ono of that operation. He’s kind of fired a few people.

Elton’s boys, Zachary, five, and Elijah, three, have, He told the Sun UK, “I go to the dark side very quickly. That old thing on my shoulder can push me back there. It’s usually caused by tiredness, overwork and sometimes by frustration that I’m missing my boys when I’m away.” In November during a tour of South Korea the singer says he was really down from being so far away but after a little Facetime with the boys he snapped out of it.

As we’ve reported before Elton has kept secrets before about his sexuality, drugs and alcohol and his opinions on myriad of things but his guard went down around the same time his voice did and even though it wasn’t always pretty the singer spoke his mind. He says, “Artists tend to be self-destructive. I don’t know why it is. No pain, no gain, as they say. I don’t like the dark side very much and it doesn’t happen very often.”

“Oh my God, Rod and I have been emailing each other a lot recently,” he explains. “He was upset when David Bowie died and sent me an email saying, ‘Oh dear, there’s not many of us left. They’re all dying off, doll — what are we going to do?’ He sent me another saying, ‘I hardly ever have a headache but yesterday morning I had the biggest f***ing banger I’ve ever had. It was because you were on the f***ing radio.’

“I call him Phyllis, so it’ll say, ‘Love Phyllis’ and I reply, ‘You left the ‘S’ off the front of your name. It should be Syphilis.’”

Elton adds, “I love Rod. We’ve been so competitive towards each other but in the nicest way.

In the new interview Captain Fantastic also gives praise to the Stones. “I can’t help admiring Mick Jagger because his vitality is the same as when he was younger,” he says, “And Keith, Ronnie and Charlie love to play. Good for them. When people say, ‘Oh they should stop,’ it’s bulls**t. They like to play and they like to earn.”

Elton’s new album is “Wonderful Crazy Night” and we loved it. Check out our single and album reviews on our other channel Aircom Radio Network. – by John Beaudin


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