ecm_manfred_eicher_4There is not doubt a certain feel on the ECM Jazz label. It can sound atmospheric, cerebral and even rapturous at times.

Since 1969 founder Manfred Eicher has released over a thousand recordings and maintained long standing relationships with his artists, “Well, I’m definitely someone who can be also a catalyst,” he told Cormac Larkin of the Irish Times, “Who would have thought that the Belonging group, with Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek, would be so successful? These things you can never foresee exactly. You can only guess; you can try. So I try.”

Too much of anything is not a good thing according to Eicher, “There is not only too much music in the world, there is too much information on everything. There are so many books, so many pictures, so much everything, and the music needs to be selected in a better way. I’m not praising the old times only, but in the old days there were more producers who really understood what it means to listen, and to understand and analyse. Today there’s so many marketing people around who make decisions about what kind of music comes into the world. This is also a quality,” he adds. “I’m not diminishing that, but it’s not a criteria how to select good music.”