tammy_weis_003 Smooth Jazz Now Program Director, John Beaudin, has his own interesting fact about Tammy Weis. They both lived in Vancouver in the late nineties and got to know each other professionally via phone interviews. Though Beaudin knew what Tammy looked like from her high profile in that city, Tammy only knew our PD as a voice on the phone and radio. One day while talking to the superintendent of his building, a pretty girl came up to chat and immediately Beaudin recognized her, introduced himself and asked Weis what she was doing there. “I live here,” said the singer. It turns out the pair had lived just a few doors from each other in the same apartment building but through the years had never bumped into one another.

The popular singer now lives in England and her second album ‘Where I Need to Be’ has already produced a hit single on the ‘Smooth Jazz Now’ TOP 30 Countdown with ‘Where Did the Time Go.’

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1. Tammy did her first live performance when she was three years old at a Bridal Shower in the farming town of Killam, Alberta.

2. She was a ‘Big Sister’ for five years.

3. Tammy believes in guardian angels.

4. Tammy has sung with Michael Buble’, Michael Hutchence, Jamie Cullum and Bobby McFerrin (but not all at the same time).

5. Tammy’s song ‘I Pretended’ was written about her Mom.

6. Tammy is at least a 5th generation musician- Her mom, grandmother and great grandmother sang and played piano, and her great grandfather played the banjo and the fiddle.

7. Tammy was named after Tammy Wynette.

8. Tammy is currently living London, England.

9. Tammy has 5 beautiful nieces.

10. She loves yoga and pilates.